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Julio Diaz at his heaviest! Just over 200 pounds in 2009.

Julio Diaz at his heaviest! Just over 200 pounds in 2009.

Hello and thanks for stopping by my site! I created One Step to Weight Loss in June 2010 as a resource to help you on your weight loss journey. My main goal was to was to help you with your first step on your weight loss journey.

Since 2010, I decided to rearrange and improve my site in 2016. My goal is to bring you not just product reviews but also real weight loss resources that you can make use of. Although I am not a Nutritionist nor a Personal Trainer, I aim to bring high quality information that has been tested and proven to help with weight loss. I honestly can’t wait to share all I have plan for this site…

So, make sure to bookmark this site in order to get the latest updates… Right now though, I would like to share my weight loss journey with you. Right now you’ll discover what finally help me lose weight!

In 2003, I entered college weighing about 155 pounds and by the time I got out I was about 200 pounds! In 4 short years I gained 45 pounds… I didn’t exercise, ate all I could, and never realized how big I had gotten.

Yes, I had a belly… Was wearing XXL shirts and 38 inch pants but it never hit me that I was big. At the time I had a girlfriend and things were going pretty good… Nothing to complain about. By 2009, however, things turned around….

  • I now weighed around 205 pounds, the biggest I’ve ever been.
  • My self esteem started to decrease and depression loomed around the corner.
  • I started wearing the same few pants and shirts because that’s all that fit.
  • On two separate occasions my Doctor told me to lose weight.
  • My blood pressure was border line high.
  • My Body Mass Index (BMI) was 31.3 which means I was obese… Not overweight! Obese!!!

In short, I was not the fit guy I was in high school. The greatest and worst thing to happen to me was when my girlfriend and I separated. That hit me hard because up until that point, I never really had to evaluate my life or really look into what I was doing. When we separated, I was left looking at myself and acknowledging what I had become… a unhealthy 205 pound blob…

  • I didn’t know who I was… And it was hard for me to accept how much weight I had gained.
  • I refused to go clothes shopping because I didn’t want to buy bigger clothes.
  • I hated how my thighs rubbed against each other.
  • I hated looking at old pictures of myself.
  • I refused to take pictures.
  • I began feeling judged for how I let myself go.

Looking back, this was my moment to either make a positive change in my life or simply spiral out of control! Sooner or later in your own life, you may hit a pivotal point in your own health, where you need to decide if you really want lose weight or stay where you are… If you’re reading this, you probably need to make a change like I had to back then…

Anyways, at my pivotal life point, I realized I had a huge belly, my size 38 pants were just barely fitting, and I was sick and tired of feeling sorry for myself. Things had to change!

At first I did like 10 or so pushups and a few situps in the morning just to get the ball rolling. It wasn’t much, yet it was a start on my fitness journey. I then decided to go out and run because I used to love running in high school and that’s what helped me lose weight in the past. The first time I ran, I lasted for about 5 minutes before I had to stop… My inner thighs rubbed against each other a lot and I was simply out of breath and energy.

I still don’t know why I kept running… May be because it was either that or do nothing but feel sorry for myself at home. By the end of 2009, I was running longer and was even doing great with some sit ups and pushups… On some runs I was able to get up to 6 miles!!! Crazy!!!

However, I ran into a problem, I was still a gooey guy like the Pillsbury Doughboy and I hit a weight loss plateau.Pillsbury Doughboy

To solve the squishiness issue I went online, in 2010, to find a solution and found the Beachbody INSANITY workout. It was no easy workout but I learned to push myself further than before, got to learn about eating right and even kept a food journal.

INSANITY helped me out greatly to lose weight because I really didn’t want to pay for a gym membership. Plus, I feel like only fit people go there, I have no idea how to use gym equipment, and I didn’t have any time to waste going back and forth to a gym… Do I mention I was low on funds to get help from a Personal Trainer? I had no idea how to eat, what to eat, and how to set up a weight loss routine!

INSANITY was a simple weight loss system that had everything nicely placed together. By the end of Insanity I weighed about 165 pounds. Closer to my high school weight but still needed more definition… So I went for the Beachbody P90X workout. By this time I included Shakeology as a supplement because I didn’t eat enough vegetables in my diet.

Later I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach for the 25% discount and to help others who are going through weight loss struggles of their own. While it took a while before I got any success as a Team Beachbody Coach, I’m glad I stuck to it to it because of what I’ve been able to accomplish as a Coach. As a Team Beachbody Coach,

  • I was able to replace 2 part time jobs I’ve had.
  • Have been able to help others with their weight loss goals.
  • Have gone on amazing trips with other Beachbody Coaches… One in Long Beach, California and another to Walt Disney World, Florida.

The best part of being a Team Beachbody Coach is being able to work anywhere I please. I don’t know what your goals may be…

If you want to lose weight, I’ll be more than happy to help you pick out the best program for you. Or you can Create your own Free Team Beachbody Account here and start checking out what Beachbody has to offer.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Team Beachbody Coach, I would love to help you with that as well. Become a Coach here

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you find this site useful. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Have a great day!

Julio Diaz

Coach Julio Diaz

San Diego, California

Coach Julio Diaz: Then and Now

Coach Julio Diaz: Then and Now

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